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Divorce is a huge life decision for anyone. It will take a lot of thinking and considering to finally be ready. Here are seven factors to help guide your thought process before filing:

  1. Acting on Impulse: Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. If you and your spouse are simply having an argument, and it’s one of your first arguments, sit and think about whether this is exactly what is leading you to divorce. Divorce should be a final option – not first. Most people who regret divorcing are those who file when they are angry.
  2. Finances: Take a look at your current finances. Consider your bank accounts and credit cards. Make sure you know about all of the fees associated with divorcing and what financial obligations you will have once you are divorced.
  3. Future expenses: Do your research and understand what you will need to budget your life post-divorce. Things like rent, bills, school, etc. should be explicitly known, especially if you will be seeking alimony.
  4. Child custody: Shared children between you and your spouse will require you to go over your custody plan so that you both can come to an agreement regarding who is appropriate to be have primary custody. Also consider whether you two both feel you should have equal time with your child. Do this while keeping your child’s best interests in mind as it is about the child, not the parents.
  5. House: Do you want to sell the house and split the revenue? Do you want to fight for it in court? Whatever you decide, do not choose to leave the home after filing. Courts may take this as a openness to give it up, which can hurt your chances of winning it when it is time to dividing assets, should you still want to keep the house once the divorce is finalized.
  6. Job: Think about whether your career will be enough for you to support yourself after divorcing. Further education may be necessary to get a boost in salary and be able to sustain yourself. Doing this is favorable to judges and can increase your chances of receiving alimony.
  7. Separation: Legal separation may be the answer to your troubled marriage. You would receive the benefits of divorce without losing marriage benefits, such as tax breaks. It is also much easier and cheaper to reverse a legal separation than a divorce.

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