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To dissolve what was a legal and binding contract and relationship can be something truly stressful – emotional even – for many out there. However, much like any legal contract that ends up dissolving due to issues amongst the respective parties, a checklist of sorts can be important if not stress-relieving in certain aspects of your divorce.

Thankfully we have you covered.

With this small but effective checklist (which is specific to the state of California in case you misread), we make sure to go into short summaries into what you need to do in order to ensure that your process for divorce is handled with the ease and care it deserves. That way everyone wins and everyone feels respected and dignified in these trying times.

Make Sure Both Parties (That Means You Two) Have A Support Group

Whether it is your close friends, your neighbors, or your own family members who in the known as to what you plan to do with your marriage, it is important to have a group of stability in these emotional and stressful times.

That way, by allowing a support group or network of people you trust, it helps with your troubles emotionally. Sometimes professional help can be of better assistance than that of your common folk, such as therapists or marriage counselors, as they understand how hard these times can be for many.

Organizing Your Important Legal Documents

The arrangements of these legal documents, be it financials, land leases, and other possibly more mundane stuff that involves your marriage in some way, it is important to have these things ready and on the go for your divorce attorney or legal professional. Make sure that certain copies need to be scanned and copied so that it doesn’t get lost. Ensure that your legal attorney has everything that is of importance in your case for divorce. In terms of financials, make sure that you each have a copy such as bank statements, debt records, credit card statements, and even other mundane things such as car payments.

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