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This is a judicial process of setting up or building a child-parent relationship with the child when the new parent figure is not the biological parent. Once the process has been finalized, the new parents now possess all legal responsibilities. This new bond and relationship is similar to that of biological family and remains changeless. This type of parent can be one of the child’s relatives, a partner of the biological parent, or someone that is not linked by blood.  

It is always advised to discuss with your lawyer before beginning the adoption procedures. Sometimes it might not be what you need. 


  1. Stepparent Adoption: 
  • The companion of the kid’s parent does the adoption. 
  • They have to be recognized as partners legally to make the adoption. 
  • One of the most common adoption forms. 
  • Recognized as being easier because the child still has one of his/her birth parents available. 
  1. International, independent, or agency form of adoption: 
  • International: The child to be adopted here would have to be born in a different country. 
  • Independent: No agency or governmental organization takes part in this process. In this case, the adopting and current parents can reach an agreement that would not permanently terminate the rights of the current parents.  
  • Agency: This is when a governmental department or agency is involved in the process. 

 In these forms of adoption, the rights of the birth parents are ended. The new parents, therefore, become the parents legally and take the parental responsibilities and rights. 

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