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  1. Stepparent Adoption: 

If you are planning to file for this form of adoption, here are a few questions you should answer personally; 

  • As the adopting stepparent, were you in a partnership or marriage with the child’s biological parent at the time of the child’s birth? 
  • Are you still partners or married to the child’s biological parent? 

If your answers come out in the positive for all questions, then your case is one of confirming parentage. Therefore, you no longer need investigation by anyone and no appearance in court would be necessary.  

If there is a negative answer to any of the questions, then you have an adoption case. An investigation and court appearance would be necessary. 

Here are some steps you should follow; 

  1. Gather information on the procedure. 
  1. Fill the court papers. 
  1. Review the papers. 
  1. Create a minimum of two copies. 
  1. File them with the clerk at the court. 
  1. Have the talk of adoption with the kid. 
  1. Present the papers about the other biological parent. 
  1. The biological parent must have given his/her consent. 
  1. The investigator should carry out the necessary investigation and interview. 
  1. Get your court appointment. 
  1. Attend the hearing 

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