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Searching for the Other Parent 

Below are a few things you can do; 

  • A letter should be sent to his or her previously known residential address. 
  • In a situation where you are certain he or she has left that address, notify on the envelope that the letter should not be forwarded. If he or she happens to have left their new address, then the letter will be returned to you with the details of the new address. 
  • Try reaching out to mutual friends or relatives in case they have any information. 
  • Search on the internet. 
  • Connect with the DMV to see if they can be of any help. 
  • Connect with child support services if they can give you any useful information. 
  • Make use of a personal investigator 
  • Connect the office of the recorder in a county the person has lived in before. 

Endeavor to always keep track and records of time, results, and dates during your search. you would have to hand over these documents to a judge even when you can’t locate the parent before you would be permitted to move ahead.  

In a situation where you still can’t locate the other biological parent, then you might have to explain to the judge how the search went using dates, results, and time. Should a judge agree that you have tried your best to locate the parent, he or she may permit you to go on without having the other biological parent’s consent.  

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