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It is quite interesting and also shocking that for the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, who makes the fortune, did not sign or wrote alongside his wife, now divorced, a prenuptial agreement. Because of this lack of signing to protect the assets he has made/built for himself through the usage of the agreement, the fortune he has made for the past decade or so, are now in danger.

This article will thus cover the various risks that the famous CEO is having because of the lack of prenuptial agreement involved in his marriage and divorce, as well as explain why having one is truly important in modern-day marriages.

Would a Prenup Helped Bezos?

It would make the most logical sense that a prenuptial agreement written between Bezos and his wife at the time would have protected his assets once the divorce took place. One reason is due to the fortune itself that Jeff Bezos has made throughout his career and during his marriage of 25 years, and he lives in Washington, which like California, is a property community state. What this means in Bezos’ case is that the properties and assets both parties have must be divided equally.

The only thing that is not considered in the community property would be separate properties that both spouses own under their own name and are separate from the rest. With these properties, they are protected.

Other protected properties would also be anything owned before the marriage, inheritances before and during the marriage, assets that are meant to be kept separate and are in use or never benefited the spouse, to begin with, and more.

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