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Child Visitation Rights in California

Child visitation rights are one of the many issues that are best determined the parents of the child coming to an agreement together.

Child custody and child support can either be a simple or complicated process, depending on how you and your partner view the situation and what you both believe is the best for your child. The judge will rarely agree with either parent’s opinion on what is best for the child. As the parents of the child, you both know your child the best and can often come to a better conclusion of what is truly better for your child.

However, there are some cases where one parent is a true threat to the children involved because of issues around the parent’s abuse, their drug or alcohol addictions, or other forms of neglect. In these cases, it is often going to be much more difficult to agree on a schedule that makes both parents happy. This is when you are probably going to be forced to take the issues of child custody and support to court.

For the most part, it is understood that having more custodial time with the children comes higher amounts of child support that you are going to receive or a smaller amount that you will have to pay. If this is mentioned in court explicitly, however, it is likely going to make the judge angry that you are going to be trading your custodial time for money.

The easiest way to go about this instead is to figure out what kind of schedule will be in the best interests of the child and figure out from there what the child support will look like based on the schedule. If the court understands that the schedule is about money, it may end up looking badly on the parent who is asking for the schedule that is more financially beneficial. This is not how the case will always be taken, but it is requested that you take money out of your considerations in making the schedule to ensure that both parents create a schedule that is best for your child.

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