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According to California state law, you can request spousal support while you are filing for either a divorce a legal separation from your current partner. If your request is granted, then your partner will be ordered by the court to pay you a certain amount of money to help support you after the marriage has ended. The California Courts enforces a mutual obligation of support on both spouses, regardless of their gender.

There can be an agreement between both spouses that allows for a support order to be obtained through collaborative law or mediation. However, it may not be possible for both spouses to settle on a support order. If you are experiencing a difficult case, then you should make sure to get help from an attorney that can help you. Farbod Majd & Associates will do everything within our ability to fight for your rights and your best interests!


In California Family Code Section 4320, a judge will consider several factors in a spousal support case. These factors may include some of the following:

  • The earning capacity of each party and if it is sufficient to maintain the same standard of living that had been established during marriage;
  • The marketable skills of the party wishing to be supported and their present or future earning capacity;
  • If they are able to pay support based off of items like their income, assets, and their current standard of living;
  • What the obligations and assets of each party are according to what had been settled in the divorce;
  • How long the marriage lasted;
  • What the age and health of each party is; and
  • If there is a history of domestic violence between the parties.

You should make sure to do your best to educate yourself on California spousal support law when you are filing for divorce or making any other claims against the other party. At Majd Law Firm, we have plenty of experience to help our clients out while they are looking for a solution to their spousal support matters.


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