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Both divorce and legal separation involve the couple living apart thanks to a legally binding agreement. In a legal separation, the couple remains married though living apart. This isn’t just a simple living apart but backed up legally. In a divorce, the option is more concluding because they are no longer married legally. 

As a couple, when you both decide to be separated, some complicated decisions and steps are to be taken to achieve this. Getting a good lawyer can help you through this tough process. Legal separations and divorce both have their similarities mostly since negotiations are still involved. A separation sanctioned by the court offers you details of your responsibilities and your rights. Divorce and legal separation do cover the same issues. 

Unlike some other states, California does permit legal separation. It needs your partner to be in agreement or become a defaulter after he has been handed the petition. In a situation where he or she does not agree, then the next decision is filing for divorce. This makes legal separation, not a little decision. 

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