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Legal Separation and Divorce Requirements Specifics of California 

In California, a partner doesn’t need to have done something wrong or consent to a legal separation or divorce before the issue is taken up. There doesn’t need to be a reason whatsoever. Once you’ve filed for legal separation, you only need to wait for about 6 months before it becomes active. For someone new to California, you can, first of all, go with legal separation. One has to have lived in California for at least 6 months before you can file for a divorce in the state.  

Using the term ‘legal’ in separation is due to the negotiations involved in the process. Negotiations like child support, custody, visitation, property, and asset division. Divorce and separation do have the same filing grounds. Apart from meeting the California residency requirements, why you petitioned for either divorce or legal separation should be stated. Remember that your partner doesn’t need a specific reason to file a petition and when any reason is stated, he or she is of no obligation to prove anything. 

Why Legal Separation? 

A lawyer is always in the best position to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each legal decision you make. Seeking legal help will help you get things sorted out better even with tough decisions like these.  

Some persons take the option of legal separation just for a certain period and get back together while others use it as means to get divorced. You have to face the necessary legal actions and steps involved to get divorced should that be your target. Being married offers you some gains and bonds which some persons prefer to hold on to. A few of them feel they should live apart but not divorced.  

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