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Reasons Why You should go for Legal Separation 

When you and your partner are living separately, there should be a legal and formal agreement. This agreement hints at things you are liable to during that period; 

  • Should you and your partner stay married, there is a tax benefit you stand to gain. 
  • The time away is good for considering your options if you may or may not reconcile again. During this time, go for counseling to try to help you fix the difficulties you experienced in your marriage. 
  • If you’re not eligible for divorce, a legal separation is needed while you wait to become eligible. 
  • If your partner is eligible for some health or governmental benefits, staying married helps you retain those rights.  
  • One person is against divorce based on religious beliefs. 
  • One of you or both seem to be in a financial struggle and you both want to stay together till things get better. 
  • You are not prepared to go through the negotiation process during a divorce. 
  • One partner would soon become eligible for the social security benefits of the other. 

When separating from your partner, it is important you get a legally binding agreement. This agreement would help in addressing those vital issues especially those concerning what each person is liable to. How each bill will be paid, who controls what, and so on will have to be stated. Your lawyer can help you out with this so you don’t get to gather more additional costs later on. For a couple that stays separated for lengthy periods, it becomes more crucial that their interests be protected.  

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