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Why Choose a Divorce? 

  • If you wish to remarry at any time in the future, you have to be divorced officially. 
  • You wish to split from your partner financially. 
  • One partner is certain he or she wants to put an end to the marriage. 
  • Legal separation doesn’t come with any financial benefit. It isn’t necessary to spend money on legal separation and then on divorce.  

What the Procedures Involve 

Both procedures are quite complex. You need the aid of a lawyer who is experienced in such matters to make things easier for you.  

First of all, a petition needs to be filed after which you will need to open up on your stance to both the court and your partner. A decision will have to be taken concerning financial support of the child, property and asset division, and parenting responsibilities and rights. You can settle these issues amicably or end up in court where a judge would help decide on them.  

Divorce is always the easier option only when you are qualified. It gets easier when your marriage has lasted a minimum of five years, no kids, no debts, no property, and a few assets. There will be reduced paperwork and court hearings. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in front of a judge. Both partners can agree on the division of properties, debts, file their petition using the agreements. 

You can only make this procedure easy by having an experienced lawyer at your corner. One who can answer all your questions and present you with the best options and choices to make.   

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