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The Procedure for Divorce

  1. The divorce petition is filed and given from one partner to the next.
  2. The respondent, the receiving partner, is given 30 days to respond to the divorce petition.
  3. One partner can ask for a court hearing where the judge could form temporary custody or financial support for the spouse. Having a lawyer can help you navigate through this system.
  4. Both partners are to exchange vital documents that fall in relation to the divorce.
  5. Both partners can sit with each other and their lawyers to settle. An agreement should be signed which would contain all the terms already reached.
  6. If one of the partners has a problem with any of the terms raised in the agreement, a court hearing can take place.
  7. When the hearing and trial have been concluded, a judgment of dissolution of marriage will be provided containing the court order.

The Procedure for Legal Separation

  1. The legal ground of your separation should be decided upon. If it is as a result of serious sanity issues or clashing differences.
  2. A petition should be filed that contains options for divorce and separation.
  3. The form should be filed at the court in your county. Give the necessary information about your property and children.
  4. There is another form you should file which states you have minor children.
  5. Pay the fee for filing the case. You should be informed about that by your lawyer.

A copy of the papers should be given to your partner either by mail or by hand.

Legal separation documents would contain all the issues that will be in a divorce document. This document covers each person’s interest and also comes in handy if you want a divorce. If both partners do not agree with the agreement signed during separation, a new one can be drawn up if they are both vying for a divorce.

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