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Does the income of a new spouse become included?

The income of the new spouse is not included in the overall calculation of the child support payments. The only income that needs to be used in one of the previous spouses that needs to be considered into the calculation.

What are other expenses that need to be paid?

Unless the court determines what other expenses are needed to pay for, generally the two spouses would be required to share the cost of the following assets:

Their health care costs, be it insured or uninsured

Any child care costs in relation to employment such as training, education, and other skills needed for employment. 

What are other expenses that are not required to pay?

As the same rationale goes by on the expenses that are required to pay, here is a list that both parties are not required to pay according to by law:

College including any extracurricular activities involved

Life events (marriages, religious activities, graduations)

Transportation costs for parent visitations

It is very important to think about these factors and how they contribute to the process, especially when it comes to negotiations and in pursuing the rights to custody in court. 

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