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What is Imputed income?

Imputed income means that the court has the ability to award financial benefits to a spouse who has volunteered in reducing his income or capability of work. As much of the other benefits in the divorce process, there are certain factors that are needed to take into consideration in order to award the spouse this imputed income. For these types of things, it’s best to consult with a professional legal advisor or lawyer about the considered amount of a parent’s earnings for child support.

Can child support be modifiable?

It can be modifiable by either parent at any given time, be it before or after the divorce has been settled with. The reasons for this is mostly due to circumstances that change over time and the scheduling of each spouses’ visitations as well as income.

Are payments being made without a court order enforceable?

The payments are really a voluntary matter, as no court can truly enforce you to pay the child support payments. Because of this reason, there can be times where the spouse decides to stop making these payments, and it’s perfectly fine as the court cannot reimburse the payments back to the receiving spouse upon a request done by the said spouse. For more information about these matters, it is best to consult with a professional legal advisor or experienced divorce lawyer. 

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