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Child Support in Different States Addressed

Since each state varies in the way they handled certain jurisdiction in the issue of child support, there are several tricky things in the matter. One of those things is the factor for their parent moving into a different state as opposed to the one where he initially had the child and the marriage. 

Thus, the UIFSA clarifies that there are two types of jurisdiction that involve this issue of child support and the parent moving into a different state and how to resolve the issue if that becomes the case at hand:

Maintaining Jurisdiction

What this means is that the state in which issued the original child support payment plan to the divorcing parents will continue to uphold the original plan from the state in which the divorce took place. The reason for this jurisdiction is due to the factor that at least one of the two parents must stay in that state after the divorce has been finalized. 

Transferring Jurisdiction

This occurs when both parents move out of the initial state in which they handled and settled their divorce case. When this occurs, the state then transfers their jurisdiction to the state that the two parents are currently living in. If the two live in different states altogether, then there would be room for a modification process; meaning they would need to file that modification once they establish their residency in that state.  

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