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When it comes to colleges, the average cost for just one year at an in-state college or public university lands around 20,770$ or sometimes even around 46,950$ if they are at a more private facility. 

This is all according to the College Board. 

However, there is the question as to if there will be any impact on their child’s college plans. What are the possible outcomes in which can affect the child’s plans? 

Is there a requirement to pay for a child’s college after a divorce?

The answer is that it depends where you live as that determines the legal responsibilities that the parents are obligated to do in their state. It also depends on the state as they have their own set of rules and regulations.

In the state of California, the child support responsibilities normally end when they reach the age of 18th years of age. The child support can continue until the child’s 19th birthday, or in some cases, after high school graduation. 

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