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It is rather obvious that the divorce process can be a challenging step in one’s marital life. However, what is more challenging, is that alongside the divorce process is that of the COVID-19 pandemic putting many court proceedings to a halt.

Many courthouses throughout California have had to shut down due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but they still managed to provide their services in the event of emergency actions. Such emergencies were remote hearings for those that need to resolve their cases as quick as possible.

The good news is that many courts throughout California has begun to reopen, but still face the challenge and burdens of dealing with a backlog of cases that have yet to be resolved. They also have many new cases of family law that are being filled up each and every day as well.

Filing Divorce Cases In San Diego County

Currently in the San Diego County, many courts are open and operating smoothly. For most COVID-19 procedures and protocols have been found in most of the courts’ websites and for those that are ready to get a divorce, there are no further reasons to delay the process.

There are currently many couples that are filing their divorce and separation cases, but it can take longer for these to process if there are more than a few delays in regards to COVID-19. Despite that, they should not take long to be on file and take action, especially if they are uncontested divorce cases.

Uncontested divorces are divorce cases that relate to issues that are related to custody and child support as well as division of property. Meanwhile a contested divorce case deals with the parties being in court and providing the evidence they need to make their case to the judge, thus making them harder to deal with during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Still there are some ways that can help reduce the time needed for a divorce to be on file, including those of mediation cases. With the help of mediation, it ensures that the parties are working together to ensure that their needs are met and provided with the right assistance, mainly from a divorce attorney. This helps to shorten the span of time that one needs to resolve their own divorce cases.

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