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Other Family Law Dealings

As of right now, many of the courts are working to provide the right protection and support for those that are involved in divorce cases, especially for those that are under family law emergencies. This includes domestic violence, violation of child support or custody and the option to seek emergency relief when needed.

What To Do As Of Now

For now, it seems that as new COVID cases are reported, the higher chances for many court proceedings and operations may have to  be either at a halt or modified in a way to still work and resolve each and every divorce case. For some counties, such as San Diego, many are monitoring the situation with COVID while ensuring that the policies remain intact.

As for those who are contemplating a divorce or a legal separation, it is important and perhaps wise to seek the right legal advice from a divorce lawyer or any lawyer that deals with family law. That way it helps to provide a better standing as to how to proceed with your own individual case.

In the end, it is important to understand that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamic of how to proceed and handle the court cases revolving divorce. It is important as both the spouses and the parents that in order to handle these proceedings, it must be handled with care and time, especially as we deal with these intense times.

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