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In a marriage, the basic things that each spouse is earned are shared together. Despite that notion when it comes to marriage, when the spouses decide to file for a divorce, suddenly all the shared assets are divided among the two. And that can be challenging in the legal system, as there needs to be equality among the splitting.

Among the fifty-states in the U.S, California is known to be a state that is for community property. According to the California Family Code, section 760, it provides the definition of what is community property. What community property means is any means of a shared property of the married couple, particularly in the state of California, owns.

Though it is indeed true that some of the property ones owns can be their own separate property during the marriage, most of the assets owned in general are usually if not definitely community property. Thus, when a divorce is filed, they are to be split evenly.

Because of this reason alone, it is crucial that the process of the pre-trial and settlement is well prepared, as they are the main source of outcome that’s to come after the divorce is settled. During the discovery process, it is required on both parties is to file motions and to request any means of orders. When it comes to these types of things, it is best to hire an experienced divorce lawyer who can guide and ease the entire divorce process.

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