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Divided Assets

In the state of California, and in several cities such as San Diego, when a divorce is being filed, then the parties must figure out what to divide. Both of their attorneys are then to help them with that process. In terms of what the types of property should be divided, most of them appear to be of land properties, accessories that both parties own, as well as more financial ones such as 401ks, pensions, and bank accounts to name a few.

The Mediation Process

Though it seems simple enough for two spouses to divide their assets amongst each other during the divorce process, it’s rarely the case at all. Most of the time, the spouses will truly fight against each other and see who owns what and why, which is why the mediation process is necessary. With the mediation process, the two exes can handle the dividing of properties in a more comfortable and steady pace and eliminate the free-for-all dynamic that usually arises in divorce cases.

Sometimes the divorcing couple may not even reach a proper deal, and that is when the judge takes charge in handling the division of property. Following this set path is not one that is recommended as it may not benefit the two parties as it should and thus it best if the spouses can handle the properties by themselves since many of those assets can become cost heavy. With these kinds of problems and handling divorce cases, an experienced divorce lawyer, as mentioned, is the best choice to have in dividing assets.

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