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Those here at the Majd Law Firm are here to help you get through your divorce. A divorce can be a draining process – emotionally, mentally, and financially – so we are here to help ease up these stressors to the best of our abilities. Our goal is to help you save and keep money that you may think needs to be spent in order to get the divorce done. Although we can’t do much past this, hopefully it will take some stress off of your shoulders.

What has to be done to get a divorce?

While many people know what a divorce is, most don’t know what it entails. When filing for a divorce, or think about filing for one, people often wonder what types of issues or problems are going to come up while the divorce is being filed for. Luckily, for anyone who may be confused about what a divorce really includes, the section is meant to help clear it up.

The term “divorce” itself relates to ending a legal marriage and returning both parties to having the status of an unmarried person. Family law attorneys also tend to include the following parts and sub-parts that are legally included within a divorce:

  • Real estate division and distribution between both parties;
  • Dividing up personal property ranging from pets to cars;
  • Dividing community property retirement accounts, if there are any in place;
  • Dividing community property investments;
  • Various issues with spousal support;
  • Any issues with the incomes of both parties;
  • The required Declarations of Disclosures; and
  • Any situations regarding domestic violence.

These issues are ones faced by everyone looking to get a divorce. However, if the couple had a child together, other issues become intertwined with divorce, including:

  • Issues of legal custody of the child/children;
  • Who has physical custody;
  • Scheduling visitations for both parents and occasionally the grandparents;
  • Creating a holiday and vacation schedule for the child/children; and finally,
  • Issues regarding child support.

Are there different types of divorces I can file for?

Yes, there are. These include a mediated divorce, a litigated divorce, and a legal separation. The one being filed for impacts the amount of time and money that will be go towards having your divorce completed.

Mediated Divorce

In some cases, it may be the best option to just get everyone involved to sit down together and have a third party mediate the discussion. This may not work for every couple, but if both parties are willing to try this out, this may be the best option for you. The reason why a mediated divorce exists is because it is meant to cut out a lot of the typical stress, cost, and having a lengthy divorce process. Because it is easier to reach a conclusion and fully talk through what each part wants, it does definitely take far less time to have the divorce completed.

Litigated Divorce

If you and your spouse can’t agree on some important issues at all – like child support or visitation rights – your best option would be a litigated divorce. With a litigated divorce, you would need to go to court and have an attorney that has enough experience that they can help assert your rights. Our attorneys at Majd Law Firm in Beverly Hills have plenty of experience to help you figure out the best path you should take during your litigation.

Legal Separation

This is an alternative option to divorce. Sometimes a divorce just isn’t an option for some couples due to reasons like medical insurance, children, or religious beliefs. However, the process of getting a legal separation is the same as getting a divorce. You will still have to establish child custody, child support, spousal support, and other issue. Once process has been completed, you will have a Judgment for Legal Separation rather than the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage you would receive after a divorce.

I still have some questions

That’s perfectly fine, there is a lot to think about when you are getting a divorce. We will do our absolute best to help you during this time by answering your questions and asking you some as well, such as: Do you understand how the paperwork should be filled out? Do you know what a lis pendens is?

It will help a lot to understand the terms used during this process and know what they mean exactly. Please let us know at any time if you have questions about what something means!

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