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While similar, a legal separation is different from a divorce. Rather than a couple separating, a legal separation is filed by a married person or domestic partner who want to stay with their partner, but would like to resolve other issues, including issues around child custody and complex property division. Contact an experienced Beverly Hills legal separation attorney at Majd Law Firm if you are considering filing for a legal separation.

In a legal separation, the property and debts of each party will be separated so each partner is no longer legally responsible for the other. A legal separation will decide issues like custody, visitation and other child support issues. As mentioned earlier, a legal separation means both parties are still married or together as a couple while figuring out finances and child support issues. A legal separation doesn’t mean that any of your life or health insurance ends.

REQUIREMENTS for a legal seperation

A legal separation requires that there is a judicially approved division of marital assets and that there is a solution to the conflicts that led to the separation, ranging from child custody to spousal support. It is very important that you have the assistance of a Beverly Hills Divorce attorney at Majd Law Firm to ensure that any of your concerns are all addressed properly and that your legal rights remain protected while you are going through a legal separation. At Majd Law, we do all we can in order to consider the needs of each client’s situation and to make sure that each case has a fair outcome, whether it is settled by negotiation and settlement or litigation.

There are a few common reasons why couples get a legal separation. For example, religious dogma may not allow for a divorce or limit the reasons as to why one may have a divorce. Another possible reason would be a spouse needing to maintain continuous health coverage due to a significant health ailment that wouldn’t be covered by their own plan or another plan if they divorced. In situations such as the ones listed, legal separation is much more suitable for these parties instead of a divorce.

One other common reason as to why a person will file for a legal separation over a divorce is because they do not meet the residency requirement they need to fill to file for a divorce. After these requirements are met, the action taken will be changed from a legal separation to a divorce. For a legal separation, on the other hand, there are no residency requirements that need to be met.

Keep in mind that filing for a legal separation does not mean that either spouse can simply marry afterwards. Even after you are legally separated, you would still need to file for a divorce. If you are trying to decide if a divorce or a legal separation is better for you and your partner – as well as if you should get one – contact Farbod Majd & Associates today. Our legal separation attorneys in Beverly Hills focus on fighting for our clients in both settlement efforts and litigation.

As previously mentioned, legal separation is a way to leave an opportunity for reconciliation between both parties. Not much else needs to be done past reconciling as they are still legally married. However, if there is no reconciliation or common ground found on any of the situations that are trying to be solved, then you may want to get a divorce instead. Filing for a divorce must be explicitly filed for as a divorce. A qualified Majd Law Firm lawyer can help individuals work through the nuances of both legal separation and divorce actions, which greatly helps many while they are going through this trying time.

Farbod Majd & Associates LEGAL CONSULTATION

Handling issues such as legal separation or divorce are hard enough to hand as it is. Finding and working with a lawyer shouldn’t add stress but help alleviate a portion of it. At Majd Law Firm in Beverly Hills, we recognize that all varieties of people from all types of backgrounds may end up having a legal separation or divorce. If you have any questions about divorce or legal separation that weren’t answered here or you want a private consultation, please contact us. Our Beverly Hills legal separation attorneys are waiting to meet you and are ready to help you as much as we can.

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