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In the last fiscal year alone, the Pentagon recorded that about roughly twenty-two thousand military personnel of the total average of seventy-thousand were actually divorced from their spouses. In terms of percentage, that is roughly about 3% of the total divorce rate.

Among that percentage of divorces in the military, there is a higher percentage of female troops divorcing than those of the male troops. The percentage reached about 275% higher, and that can lead to several issues in the long run. When it comes down to these issues, many divorce lawyer would have to figure out ways to explain and handle these cases in more professional ways than a normal divorce case they often take care of.

Determining Military Divorce Rate

For the divorce lawyers, it is crucial that they understand the different factors when it comes to the divorce cases of the military personnel. Sometimes it’s best to leave them out from the total average of the divorce rates in the entire U.S. In order to determine these factors, there needs to be a comparison between the married military personnel from the beginning of the year to the ones that end up divorcing throughout or at the end of the year.

For the total divorce rate, both for the military and for the civil divorce cases, are added together and a ratio is formed in the process, averaging around a thousand residents. From the total divorce rate, however, five states are excluded from the averaging. California is one of the five.

Reasons for Military Divorces

In short, there isn’t really a very specific reason as to why military personnel divorce with their spouses, as like most civil divorce cases, they seem to fit in the same outline. They are human after all. If anything, a good and valid reason for the divorcing is mainly work related, as military personnel is mostly a wild ride for a career, and sometimes it comes with sacrifices. Sometimes those sacrifices may sadly include family members.

Can a Civilian Divorce Lawyer handle these Cases?

Although military personnel have most of the basic legal services and advise like those of a regular civilian, it mostly more of an advice than a mere proceeding. With a civil divorce lawyer, they can give you the advice that is needed for the divorce, but side form following through, it can become rather complicated and would use far more resources than what a regular everyday lawyer can take care of.

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