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On March 27th, President Trump officially signed the Coronavirus Aid Relief & Security Act, or for its abbreviation, the CARES Act. What this act provided was a rough estimate of 2.2 trillion dollars used as stimulus packages for many Americans in need of financial support during these harsh times of the COVID-19 shutdown. This was in favor of securing an economic means of assistance for small businesses and for many American individuals, a stimulus check.

For many divorced couples, this act can greatly affect their family case law in ways that they should know before proceeding any further. As such, here are a few answers that could benefit you when it comes to how much CARES Act affects you in your family law case and more.

One thing to understand is that many adults are to hopefully receive a one-time 1,200$ stimulus check from the government within a few weeks or so for economic relief. However, there can be a few Americans who would receive less as it is all calculated based on how much their gross income that is to be listed on their most recent tax returns.

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