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With this in mind, for those who haven’t filed their tax returns for 2019, the government will then base their calculation using their second most recent tax-return, being those of 2018. Because of the CARES Act, individuals will receive 1,200$, and couples that are married will receive double the average stimulus package. Additionally, those with children under the age of 17 will receive roughly 500$ per child in the household.

Here are a few questions that have been addressed to many undergoing divorce case and some answers regarding the matter:

Pending Divorce Case & Who Receives Check?

The check will be sent towards the bank account that was listed and provided for the IRS for your recent tax return, being the one sent from 2019. If before the divorce case was initiated the filed tax return was one that filed jointly, then the best advice is the contact your attorney that is working on the case for any further questions as well as possible options to consider.

Custody Case Involved & Who Receives A Portion Of Check For Children?

Whoever was considered the head of the household at the time of when the tax return was being filed will be the one who will receive the stimulus package. If there was a joint tax return in your household and children under the age of 18 were listed, or if any changes to custody had occurred during the time in which the tax return was filed and sent, then it is also advisable to speak with your attorney and see what available options are there.

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