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Past-Due Payments Of Child Support & Should They Recieve A Check?

The rules regarding child support/custody still apply in these cases. What most agencies require from these couples is to report any past-due payments for support to the Treasury. Because of this, however, there can be a minor portion taken off from your check due to it being received by your county’s child support division team. This portion is then given to the parent who has custody over the child/children.

What the CARES Act does is provide one-time assistance for financial needs towards many American families and individuals. However, there are again certain factors to be taken into consideration when receiving these stimulus packages. These factors include divorce and other family case laws as well.

Received Ex-Spouse’ Check & Any Other Obligation?

According to the CARES Act itself, an American individual that is both eligible and involved in this act, there should be a sort of credit be allowed to them that would be used against any taxes imposed on them from the beginning of the first taxable year of 2020 an amount that is roughly 1,200$ or 2,4000$ if taxes were filed jointly. 

Most of what the law mentions, in this case, is the individual and not so much the families. With that in mind, it is noted to consider that a portion that you receive should be allowed to your ex-spouse if you filed a joint tax return. That said, if you received the portion, it is advisable to transfer that money back over to your ex-spouse whenever possible for it is rightfully theirs under the CARES Act.

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