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In the divorce cases of celebrities, Halle Berry and ex-husband Olivier Martinez, the judge in their divorce case issued the two a means to speed up their divorce process and its finalization in order to fully determine their division of assets. If this was not done, the divorce case was to be thrown out entirely. 

Despite the two’s settling on proper child custody/support plans, the overall decision to finalize the divorce was something that was being dragged on, especially on the other remaining factors in their divorce. The more they prolong the divorce and its finalization, the more issues are to be faced, and there could be even a chance to have to repeat the process from scratch. With these factors in mind, it is best to utilize the expertise of an uncontested divorce attorney so that the process can be made in a very orderly manner.

The Issues With Halle Berry

The divorce process was going quite smoothly for the two when they filed the divorce back in 2015. There were also claims that were then confirmed that the two would both share the physical and legal aspects of their child. This would leave Halle Berry with a large payment of 16,000$ for the monthly child support fee. However, these are the only issues that the two agreed upon in their divorce. The rest seems to be rather unknown. 

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