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Due to India’s culture of competitive education and testing, it has been seen that many students on an annual basis prep for their upcoming exam. As much as this would be the case in an ideal world, the events of today say otherwise as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused much change to that culture.  

Going back as early as December 1oth, more than a million students from across the country of India were addressed by the minister of education live via both Facebook and Twitter, perhaps hoping to address the concerns of university entrance exams and the likes, which was a concerning mystery at that time, especially at the height of the pandemic. 

Despite the live feed being interactive, it showed that the minister praised the education system of India during its time of crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, overcoming the brutal challenges they faced along the way.  Still, this wasn’t enough to quell the concerns and panics of their students, as they were struggling to understand and cope with the conditions that were to follow with the pandemic. 

Because of the everlasting pandemic and the crisis on a national and international scale, there have been many campaigns within the country of India to demand examination delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to many crucial exams such as the Joint Entrance Exams and the National Eligibility Entrance Exams to be delayed. These two exams are often the ones that are used for main courses in the field of science and engineering.  

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