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The education in India is very intense and often considered competitive from the perspective of an outsider. It often competes extensively in areas around the STEM fields the most, being the most pretentious and most arduous of fields to undertake in the country. In fact, the Indian Institutes of Technology accepts one out of a total of fifty applicants while having up to thousands of students apply for admission yearly.  

As a means of mending these unfavorable odds, students have spent most if not their entire teens preparing for these exams. As most enroll in institutes that aim towards training their abilities to crack the tests they wish to take, they have essentially prioritized their exam-taking and studies among other common duties. This is all because of their hopes of attending their desired school and pursue their desired fields.  

However, because of the events of COVID-19, many students have had their exams derailed or delayed thanks to the country’s lockdowns and shift to online education, causing major consequences in terms of education fairness. During the conference that was mentioned previously, there were many issues with internet connectivity, making the broadcast hard to follow for many attending. This then led to the students who did attend know little of what is to occur during their exams and classes as well be unprepared for the very first time.  

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