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Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially if there are children affected.  Mediation can help families during this strenuous time in a variety of ways. In mediation, a couple divorcing can settle issues relating to the distribution of assets and property previously shared, as well as debts.  Mediation can also help decide parental duties and responsibilities in the short and long term regarding the child or children they share.

Mediation can help children during divorce processes.  However, there are times where agreements are not met, and a family may need to take a step further to decide what their child custody plan will be.  Family Court Services (FCS) is then recommended.  FCS helps parents decide their child custody plan in a family counseling setting.  This recommended service is provided through a private counseling office with a private counselor.  Both parents work together with this private counselor to try and find a child custody agreement that works for both of them, as well as their child.  These sessions can last from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours – or until an agreement is met with the child’s best interests in mind.

Family Court Services is there to help every family that needs help regarding their child custody plans and agreements.  FCS will partake in a variety of actions to make sure that the best interests of the child are met, as well as attempting to let each parent have contact with their child (unless certain circumstances forbid this).  The FCS will help settle any disputes or domestic controversies that are holding back child custody agreements.  The FCS’s purpose is to also encourage parents to cooperate and reach an agreement that will help their child in the long run.  The FCS will also investigate any issue or controversy that is addressed during a family’s divorce process.

The FCS will work with parents regarding everything from their child’s future holiday schedule to their day to day schedule.  This mediation service allows parents to work together and compromise regarding their child’s future.  Divorce is difficult, but mediation services, with help from the FCS, helps this process become much more uncomplicated.

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