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A divorce is a long and complicated process that divorce lawyers deal with every day. For them, the language of the law is their primary language when they are at work. This language is referred to as “legalese” and if you hear your lawyer start to slip into it, you should feel free to have them explain what it means. There are some that you can be prepared to hear going into almost any divorce proceeding.

  • Dissolution of marriage: The divorce

This can sound a bit harsh when you learn that it literally means dissolving the life you built with your spouse. The good and the bad.

  • Petitioner: Person who files the divorce petition
  • Respondent: Person who did not file the divorce petition
  • Jurisdiction: Authority of a court to make a ruling affecting a party

If one party moves, even across state lines, the district court in which the proceedings started is where the divorce will actually occur. Appearances can be made by phone in these situations, all of which can be arranged by your attorney.

  • Service: Delivering the petition to the Respondent

You may be the one to “serve the papers” or your lawyer may have this done depending on the situation.

  • Discovery: Gathering and presentation of information to support divorce proceedings

If there is a question of spousal or child support or division of the assets, this is where all of that information will get turned over. If you have any reason to suspect that your spouse may hide something, let your attorney know and they can have a financial investigator look into it.

  • Decree: The final order in a divorce

Congratulations, you are divorced! This is the ruling that the court passes down laying out payment amounts, who gets what, and literally every decision that was made. It is basically making what your lawyers drew up official and declaring you single.

There are a lot of terms and paperwork that you will encounter even in an uncontested divorce with few assets and no children. Ask about all of them. If you have questions at any time, ask them. That is what your lawyer is there for. If you don’t understand why they are advising you to do something, they cannot be as effective and advocate for you. So ask questions.

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