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Divorce is messy. Not only is it full of unhappy times and the dissolution of a formerly happy marriage (which can be emotionally draining for everyone involved), but it also brings about despondent thoughts towards lawyers and the whole court proceeding.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories that can occur during divorce proceedings. You’ve probably heard more than one story of a divorce that ended with both parties unhappy with the outcome.

However, these unfortunate events can be avoided — and should be avoided — as much as possible. Each side should find an attorney to represent them, and then negotiation should be on the way. To find common ground in regard to children shared by spouses, earnings, and property, it is nice to have an attorney on both sides.

Mediation is important – and helpful

Many couples in California choose mediation. The mediator is an unbiased third party that can help make sure that each couple is heard, and each side is represented. Attorneys for both parties should be present to make sure that everything is legal, and that no side is lost are the more technical legal terms talked about.

It should be noted that mediation may not be the end for some couples. Sometimes, mediation doesn’t reach a conclusion. This does not mean that negotiation just ends. Rather, attorneys can take control of the situation and help out their parties without having to confer with a family court judge.

If compromise is reached, a lot of the divorce proceedings can be done without entering a courtroom. However, every divorce is different and should proceed with caution. Some divorces, like ones that have resulted from sexual or domestic abuse, can be done in a courtroom with a family judge presiding over the case.

Realistic negotiations are important

You should try to stay as realistic during the negotiation process, and during mediation, as much as possible. There are a few things you can do to make sure the divorce proceedings stay as calm and realistic as possible:

● Do not try to punish your ex. This will not result in the realistic ending that you need. It may be hard, but you should focus on the freedom, both personal and financial, that you desire from the divorce.

● Make sure you keep your children, if you have them, at the forefront — and not used as weapons. What is best for the children should be the ultimate goal.

● Financial situations actually are important. You may want to just compromise as soon as possible so that the whole situation is over, but you should take your time with your representation to make sure that everything is ironed out.

Divorces are difficult, messy, and emotionally draining. You should always make sure you trust your representation. If you have questions or just want to learn more about negotiation or mediation, talk to your attorney or representation.

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