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Whether a couple was ever legally married or not, once a child enters into the picture, so does the issue of how to support that child. The end result is essentially the same: the non-custodial parent pays what the court assigns to pay for the needs of the child. It is called child support. The amount depends on many different factors and may be something both parents agree to without arbitration. Child support while children are still children happens many different ways. It exists because there are expenses that the custodial parent has to pay, and many child support agreements factor in a percentage of medical costs.

Child support can absolutely extend to cover college tuition. It makes more sense, however, to leave it as something to revisit. There are so many things that can change between when parents divorce and when their children start college. This includes whether or not college is even part of the plan when the time comes. What kind of college your child or children will want to attend is another consideration that, even as teenagers, will not be definite until approval letters are sent out. Trade school is another, more affordable option and laying out how much will be paid years in advance is very difficult. Plus, tuition increases every year. There are too many variables to make the determination in advance.

By leaving it to decide later, there will be more information when making the actual determination. Both parents will be required to go to court to talk things over with all of the numbers before them. Unlike child support, there will be no custodial parent so each parent will have to pay what is deemed fair towards tuition. If either parent has a higher paying job, their share of tuition may be higher but each parent is required to pay a share. The factors involved in this decision are whether or not the child received scholarships or financial aid, grade point average, and the degree that they are pursuing. This may increase or decrease the amount, but the amount may be split.

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