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Mediation provides a mutual seeking benefit among the divorcing couples when it comes to negotiating. It helps to alleviate some of the many difficult problems that the coupe could face in their case moving forward with the help of a third-party mediator. 

What makes mediation different from other solutions such as litigation is that this type of process deals with providing a mutual relationship with the divorcing couple instead of pinning them against each other for the sake of resolution to which litigation does most of the time. With mediation, the couple can continue to have their personal lives intact while also ensuring their case gets resolved in a more calm demeanor. 

During the process, each of the divorcing couples will have their own attorney present in order to easily facilitate the issues presented in their case. These issues vary, and the goal of the mediator is to be able to provide enough of a mutual benefit for both parties to accept their best interests. These interests can range from financial support to even child support/custody.

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