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What arbitration does is that it avoids all methods of using litigation to the best of its ability. WIth arbitrators, they act as a “judge” of sorts in order to enact final decisions to the divorcing couple’s case. However, arbitration handles cases in a more private manner and can be selected depending on the dire need to end a divorcing couple’s marriage contract. Similar to mediation, arbitration can be used as a sort of final settlement, but primarily for more temporary issues, which seems more prevalent at the moment with COVID-19.

If there is a combination between mediation and arbitration in your case, then that means that you’re trying to dispute your divorce case issues with the use of both your attorney’s services as well as a mediator. These are a little risky, but if successful, they can lead to a strong and lasting settlement agreement among the divorcing couple. This agreement is then drafted properly in order to ensure any other means by the two parties and is then proceeded to the courts. 

Mediation/Arbitration Hybrid

However, if there is no resolution among the couple and there are still some issues left to dispute, then the remaining disputes can be dealt with a mediator for resolution. With this in mind, the mediator then acts as an arbitrator as well, allowing to hear and review all information provided for the case and make the final decision henceforth. This leads to more efficient matters as it saves both time and money for the couple in their family law case and moves forward with their decisions upon their disputes with the mediator/arbitrator.

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