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Many of the law students that act as volunteers for the program serve as legal interns in order to help those domestic violence victims fill out their cases as well as file any emergency petition through the DVPO. There is one catch to this volunteering as these students are not allowed, or at least, able to provide any legal aid or advice and they do have limited experience in these cases. Instead, attorneys are involved to take charge of these cases and are needed to be on these calls in order to answer any possible legal questions that can be asked during their meeting. There is also the option to assign them as a representative to the case for any possible hearing moving forward.

Volunteers Needed

The virtual legal clinic has been opened for a while after the stay at home orders were enacted to avoid further spread of COVID-19. It has since operated with many attorneys and legal interns and still seeks for more possible volunteers on either side of the legal spectrum. 

If there is any form of interest in joining these endeavors and ensure safety and security for many domestic violence victims, both within or outside your own community, then it should be a consideration to join the clinic program.

As many domestic violence victims have been served through the clinic’s virtual process, the clinic will continue to provide many family law issues or concerns that can further go beyond any other form of basic assistance, especially from students. Attorneys who want to help and seek the best interests of the domestic violence victim’s case are encouraged to create and establish a Legal Atoms profile in order to provide an outline of services and rates they offer to their clients. 

There are no such obligations to provide any pro bono or low bono service rates as the goal of this clinic is to increase accessibility and provide a means of justice and servitude to those who would not be able to have access to these counseling resources.

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