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6)  Don’t’ Cancel Any Type of Insurance or Benefits.

By all means, do not cancel any type of insurance you had previously with your divorcing spouse. Health, car, anything that is deemed beneficial and canceling those benefits could now only make you look really bad in front of the judge, but also liable for the possibilities of dangers that can occur. The money would be coming out of your own pocket in the end. Make sure to consult with a divorce lawyer to figure out when is the right time to step aside from such critical health and financial subscriptions.

7) Surprises are a Bad Idea

It is the ultimate surprise, in a very bad way to say the least. Depending on how severe of a state the divorce period is, making that one surprise visit, despite being the intention, can be perceived in a negative manner. It is a huge gamble and risk to make a surprise visit to your spouse’s house, office, and any place they often like to be in. This can very well lead to adding more fuel to the opposing counsel and can create an opposing narrative to use against you in court.

8) Don’t Destroy Property That’s Not Yours

This coincides with always remembering to be polite and cordial. Partaking in these actions and words and keeping that politeness will indeed win you favor in the eyes of the court. By simply not destroying anything that your spouse owns and refraining from further escalating the drama during the divorce process holds it merit in court. Plus its common sense too and you could be liable as well for the damages being done. Always treat their property with as much extra care as possible and return it in its rightful place. With the consent of the spouse of course.

9) Keep Track of All Interactions

This will help in the long run of things. Sorting out the details of your divorce or custody issue, make sure to keep note of any interaction that goes on a daily basis as it can be an advantage in the eyes of the court. It is also very crucial to do if your family law case happens one that is rather contentious. By keeping track of all the things that go on in the household, this can give the divorce attorney a leg-up in the process to figure out a strategy to use in the court case, as well as making sure it’s in your favor.

10)  Find Some Guidance

Divorce is often times considered the most challenging thing in a person’s life if not one of the hardest to ever do. It leaves you with the task of transitioning into a new stage of your life while having to fight off the mental, physical, and judgmental stress that comes along with it. Because of this, it is best to seek out help from those that can provide the alleviation. Let them hear you out and keep you back on your feet and make the rational decision needed for the case at hand. Always make sure to keep a healthy mindset no matter, and that definitely involves taking care of your needs and yourself.

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