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Trying to find help with your uncontested divorce and how to go through with the process? Particularly in the regions of San Jose or Northern California? Well for starters,  many couples in the region tend to sometimes find themselves looking for an uncontested divorce. However, the help they usually receive turns out to be those of divorce attorneys, which can be pretty expensive to hire. Typically, most divorce attorneys that are sought out tend to often use the help of someone who also has some legal expertise, being none other than a paralegal to then help and prepare the paperwork that is needed for uncontested divorce cases.

However, that also begs the following question: what is the purpose of using an attorney then?

The answer is quite simple: you don’t necessarily have to, and here’s the reason why.

In the California state, there is a way to actually prepare divorce paperwork without using an attorney to do it for you, especially if you plan on doing an uncontested divorce. Thus, by utilizing what is called a legal document assistant (LDA for short), or even a legal document service, these options can become more viable, less expensive, and a rather good alternative to use than by simply hiring a divorce attorney who will then prepare and file your uncontested divorce paperwork for you. In short, using the LDA can benefit in the long run of things if you prefer to handle your divorce by your own terms and means.

What about obtaining legal advice in San Jose and California for an uncontested divorce?

While using the legal document service certainly can a far better alternative for most divorce cases in the California state, the LDA cannot always able to provide the necessary legal advice that the couple needs in their one specific divorce case. More importantly, when choosing an LDA to prepare and file the necessary paperwork, that legal service has to contain experience and also be associated with divorce attorneys in the district/county in case the LDA cannot help satisfy the means and divorce case of the couple being provided the services. That way, there are far more options throughout the divorce process and there is a less hassle overall.

The divorce services in the California state works with several well-known and experienced divorce attorneys who can meet with their clients, regardless if their legal advice is needed for their contested or uncontested divorce cases. The attorney’s main objective is to work together so that you are able to get the advice needed.  You can also then provide the legal service with the sufficient and necessary amount of information that is necessary to then prepare and file the paperwork of your uncontested divorce case.

If in the end both spouses are in total agreement with each other and would like their uncontested divorce paperwork to then be prepared and filed, then the services can move at better pacing and direction to then be able to move forward with the divorce process.

Again, the services here are to make sure that the process of preparing and filing uncontested divorce paperwork, as easy as it can possibly be, which in turn can ultimately eliminate any unnecessary stress. It also helps to move the process in a much smoother transition than what it was previously.

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