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It is important that parents comply with the local and state guidelines that are presented by the CDC. This is all to ensure safety and security as well as presenting good behavior to your children, educating them to wash their hands, sanitize any surfaces and objects that are often touched, and ensure they maintain social distancing as well. What’s more, it is important to keep up to date with reliable media sources in order to better understand the situation but to use it cautiously as it could cause much anxiety among family and children. It is best to encourage your children to ask and raise concerns about what is going on and to answer them honestly and in ways, for them to understand.  

Parties that have been following their current visitation orders and custody plans should continue to pursue said plans during these times as a means to provide consistency and a means of stability that is in the best interest of their children.  

Remember that the pandemic is not much of a reason to deny your parenting responsibilities. Unless you are authorized by the court of your county, it is imperative that parents take care of their children and make the respective decisions they need to make. Whether it is who is the primary custodial parent, it is also important that the daily care be done based on the sanitation and social distancing guidelines and regulations implemented in each California county.  

For your children’s education, it is important that they remain with their regular school schedules, albeit online. This is the same for their regulatory breaks. 

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