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For those who have custody orders implemented or a sort of parenting plan in your county, make sure to exchange your parental responsibilities within the safety precautions. Make sure to do this during a public place and that is one that is enforcing the social distancing guidelines. If not, then make sure it is within a large enough area such as a park in order to enact this exchange. As a final effort, you can do all of this online via video conference calls or through the phone. 

Proper parenting also requires that traveling may not be a good idea due to the ongoing pandemic. Things should be dealt with virtually.  

As for first responders, make sure that you are available when emergencies arrive and  support those who are relative to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that you do not contact these first responders unless they are for the sake of real emergencies towards you and your family. 

For parents that are restrained from being able to communicate with one another, it is highly promoted/encouraged that you know about the safety guidelines implemented in each of your county as for your children as well. Make sure to come to a mutual agreement when tackling this with your children and ensure that you indeed take the necessary steps to ensure daily safety during the pandemic. 

Lastly, be open and understanding with each other, both as parents to the children and as party members. Make sure that during this pandemic to ensure open dialogue and communication with each other as well as with your children so that you can protect them from the possible risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  

These are important times for both the world and for your children, so ensuring them the best and the most safe environment is top priority for their physical and mental health. 

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