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When two people decide to marry or enter a legal partnership, they often take time to think about their futures.  They plan and decide what they want to do in the future, and they see a future with their spouse or partner.  However, even the best made plans can turn out to be less than glorious, which can cause partners or spouses to decide the best thing they can do is separate or divorce.

Going through a divorce is stressful, difficult, and, at time, infuriating for all involved.  And even if your marriage was lovely and understanding, divorce proceedings can bring out a lot of unresolved anger.

A lot of people, in this day and age, turn to things like social media to talk about the frustrations they are feeling.  However, it is widely recommended that you do not do this.

Doing anything on social media during your divorce can be incredibly risky.  A harmless post may be used against you in court for a variety of reasons.  Stay away from posting anything negative about your spouse or your time together at the very least.  You should also stay away from posting about being in bars or going out for the night, as your spouse could potentially use this against in court and make an accusation that you abuse alcohol.

It is recommended that you just steer clear of using social media at all times during your divorce.  Some people even recommend deleting or closing your accounts for a while, so that you’re not even tempted to use any type of social media platform.

At the end of the day, you need to protect yourself.  And one of the ways you can best protect yourself from unnecessary damage is to just not post on social media during your divorce proceedings

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