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Failure to meet these requirements means you can only file for legal separations. After this, you can later file a case for a petition which carries your need for a divorce. This can only be done once you have met the county’s residency requirements. 

The Exclusions: 

There are still a few exceptions in cases like this. For instance, same-sex couples who don’t reside in California but received their certificate of marriage in the state can file for divorce in California if the state they live in does not terminate same-sex marriages. You only have to ensure that you file your case in the county you got married. You also have to be aware that in cases where none of the couples reside in California, no court has the rights over issues of debts, properties, and children.  

Get yourself acquainted with the residency requirements of California especially when there is the intention to dissolve a partnership or marriage that was registered in the state. The process can be a bit too complicated notably if you decide to add in issues like properties, child custody, support orders, etc. Having a grounded knowledge of the divorce and separation basics, California residency requirements, and talking to a lawyer can help your case in so many ways. 

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