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Restraining Orders

Sometimes relationships don’t always work for the best. These issues in their relationships can’t always be resolved with a divorce and can result in very emotional and damaging ways, especially when it comes to the custody of the child and the financial aspects afterward.

Vindictive Spouse

What a vindictive spouse will do often is to try and take advantage and force their way into the family matters no matter, often times breaking the law. Some common things these vindictive spouses do with the children is taking them and moving them out of the state they live in, liquify their financials such as their bank accounts and 40ks. Cancel their insurance plans and other ways to harm both themselves and the family to get what they want. 

In these cases, a restraining order is best to be used and protect the marriage before the finalization of the divorce has been dealt with. 

Physical Abuse

There can be moments in the family where physical and harmful contact is made with the spouses and family during their divorce process, roughly due to the incomprehensibility of the subject matter. When these matters are beginning to manifest, it is best, if not required in these cases that a restraining order is made in these matters in order for the children to live in a more secure and safe environment.

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