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For many in the state of California, stepfamilies are able to enjoy the peace of mind and bonding experience when it comes to them going through the process of adoption. With this mind, adoption attorneys understand that for them, it has tremendous satisfaction for when they were able to adopt the child through legal action they took of the spouse they married. They ensure to create a positive space for the child as well as a very cherished bond between them so that the adoption goes through in an orderly manner.

Stepparent Adoption 

According to the California Family Code, there are particular issues when it comes to adoption for both general and for stepparenthood. These issues go through specific rules and guidelines that need to be met and follow for the process. That is why it is necessary to consult with an adoption attorney to make sure that the rules are being followed and to expedite the process, for sometimes the court-systems can take long periods of time to settle the matter, as time is a  crucial factor. Children grow up in and at a fast rate. With them involved, it can also provide a means of trust between the two parties, ensuring that the legal action taken is good to go and professional. 

Family Law Application

Chapter 5, Section(s) 9000-9007 in the California Family Code, states that if a stepparent wishes to adopt the spouse‚Äôs child, a petition must be filed to the county clerk from where they reside in. The petition must have specific and accurate information when filed. Any incorrect information can result in delays in the adoption process. 

The child must also be subject to a guardianship when filing for the adoption, and a contract was done by both the stepparent and the spouse that states they agree for the process to occur. Investigation run by the court systems will occur as well.

Lastly, any papers that dealt with the consent of both parties must be notarized and sent properly to the court systems, as well as addressing inheritance rights during the court trial.

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