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Adoption allows for a legal parent-child relationship to be established between those who are not biologically related to one another. After an adoption has been completed, both the adoptive parents and adopted children have the same legal rights and obligations that biological parents and children have with one another according to California Family Code 8616.The Beverly Hills stepparent adoption attorneys at Majd Law Firm can help you as you are working through adopting a relative, a child, or grandchild in some cases.


You may wish to go through this type of adoption process if you have a child from a previous marriage that only you care for and you and your current spouse want to have the child legally be both of yours or you may be entering a marriage where your spouse wants you to adopt their child. In either case, you should go through the process of adopting a stepchild with some help from Farbod Majd & Associates.

Stepparents are increasingly realizing the true financial, legal and emotional benefits that come with adopting their stepchildren and how it helps in creating a much closer family unit. Grandparents sometimes may wish to go through with legal adoption to give their grandchildren a stable family life and provide the child with financial support and health insurance, which isn’t possible without going through adoption.

In a stepparent adoption, the biological parent in the marriage retains their parental rights, but the legal parent-child relationship is cut from the other parent in accordance with Family Code 8548. After this relationship is been cut off, the other biological parent loses rights and responsibility associated with the child according to Family Code 8617. The adopting parents instead take on the rights and responsibilities associated with raising a child.

In California, stepparent adoption is a way to permanently transfer parental rights and responsibilities to the stepparent. Once a stepparent adoption has been finalized, it can’t be revoked or nullified. The exceptions to this come in rare cases where situations including serious legal fraud or mental illness or disability were discovered within 5 years of the adoption, as written in Family Codes 9100-9102. The adoption will not be terminated if the couple in question divorce.

Adoptions are often very good for both the parent and child and often makes them closer to one another. In cases where adoptions are not agreed upon, Farbod Majd & Associates have a skilled team of attorneys available that will fight as hard as possible for our clients’ rights. In the case of the other biological parent refusing to sign away their parental rights, a stepparent adoption may still be done with a judge involuntarily ending the other parent’s parental rights.

Your Beverly Hills stepparent adoption lawyer can be remarkably important to help you show in court that the other parent has either not paid child support or has not kept in touch with the child. The attorney can also help you if you are in a situation where the child’s biological father was never established.

Farbod Majd & Associates at Majd Law Firm can also help you fight against an adoption. If you are a parent who does not consent to the stepparent adoption that is being fought to have completed, we will help you fighting against the petition to terminate your parental rights by helping you prove and provide evidence as to why you should remain the child’s legal parent. Our attorneys have a lot of skill and experience to help make sure that your parental rights remain intact.


Our law attorneys always take the time to make sure they have listened and understood the client’s priorities during the adoption process. After this has been done, we can help make the parents know all of the rights and options that come hand in hand with this adoption process. After the adoption has been completed, the stepparent will then begin legally act as the biological parent of the child and held to the same rights and obligations to the child. The adoption will also affect all current custody and child support agreements that were made with the child’s other biological parent. We ensure that we have fully educated our clients on every possible implication and legal right that goes alongside with adopting the child.

At Majd Law Firm, we are sure to provide excellent adoption legal services in Beverly Hills and throughout California. For more information about how we can help you in your case, contact us for a free consultation.

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