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Even though the idea of a divorce is a stressful and even traumatic experience to have at any given moment, due to the events of COVID-19, there have been levels of stress never before seen. Hence, to alleviate these stress levels, albeit slightly, here are about five ways to get through your divorce during these times of COVID-19.

Already the COVID-19 pandemic has brought major waves of uncertainty and impact both on emotional and financial levels to many American individuals and especially families. For those who were in the process of proceeding with their divorce cases, the challenges that COVID-19 brings to your case is daunting to say the most. With this pandemic, new levels of stress have never been reached and due to the strict measures of staying at home, the proceedings can appear to be delayed if not stopped completely unless the courts count these cases as “essential matters”. 

With that said, what if you are still living with the spouse with whom you are trying to get your divorce like during these times? Most often than not, these confinements can cause some major problems to the divorce case as a whole and makes it tougher to find the solutions you both want out of it. So how can you make sure that you and your divorcing spouse can pull this off with ease and with success?

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