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When it comes to the city of LA and marriage, we always see the failures of many marriages in the area more so than their successes. It is nothing personally, but it is something that many family law attorneys and agencies are taking note of by the minute, be it a regular family or the big leagues like celebrities. Which is why it also important to ask the basic question of:

What exactly is a divorce?

A Divorce Is More Or Less A Legal…Break Up?

So when it comes to the idea of a divorce in LA, there are three ways they define the process of a divorce. For example, an annulment is one definition and process of divorce as it deals with the court saying that your marital status is null and void, making it as if it never happened. Such cases where this is necessary, as well as appropriate, for those marriages that are rather too young and aren’t prepared for the “real world”. Something along those lines.

A divorce in concept is the dissolved of marriage or partnership, and it is the only process available to legally end a marriage and deem both partners as “single” once the process has been completed and filed under their country court system. With this new status to their marriage, this means that they can meet and marry other people if they please. Of course there are other things depending on each marriage such as restraining orders, spouse support, and the most common thing in divorces: child custody.

There are other processes that the state of California has as well such as a summary dissolution and a legal separation. The former simply means ending your marriage through filing some paperwork with the court without the need of a judge present. This can only be applied for marriage that are less than five years and no children nor shared assets and properties.

Now the latter, the legal separations, don’t end your marital status as would a regular divorce would, but rather it allows the courts to decide on the issues of who has to deal with child custody and support as well as restraining orders. These are mostly done in cases that are insurance or religious based, but it is something to keep in mind when it comes to the definition and processes of divorce.

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