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Needing A Divorce Lawyer?

In the state of California, they are known as a “no fault” divorce state in the sense that there is no need for proof that your spouse or partner has done anything wrong in order to get involved in the divorce process. It should also be worth noting that under California law, any one of the spouses can determine the marriage null and void and the other can’t obstruct the divorce via refusal. Even if the spouse does not want to end the marriage, there still is what is called a default judgment in which the divorce filing and paperwork can go through.

Filing A Divorce

Processing a divorce in LA mostly begins with processing the divorce through a court that gives you the rundown of things, depending on the status of your marriage. These filings also are for asking for any shared assets or property as well as children involved and their information as well.

Once the filing of paperwork for the divorce case has been dealt with, you would then have to notify your spouse. This next time is then known as “service”, where the spouse is to receive a copy of the documentation of their divorce case and anything else that was filed under the court involved with the case. It must be worth noting that this step is necessary as the spouse need to be legally “served” and might need additional resources such as mediation or even a trial to fully settle the divorce case and to agree with unagreeable issues via third respectable parties.

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