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From Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch, screaming about his love for Katie Holmes — to divorce.  While some may have stated that this was something they saw coming, others were completely shocked about the news.

But what, exactly, can we even learn from this former powerhouse relationship resulting in divorce?

Well, for one, regardless of who you are, you never know what is truly going on in people’s relationships.  Celebrities, who lives are spread across magazines around the nation, are no different.  This is something family law attorneys seem to constantly learn, and relearn, on the job.  We never truly do know what’s going on in relationships.  Relationships tend to be closed off to public consumption, and we’re only given surface related information.

It’s also important to note where Katie Holmes filed for divorce:  New York.  Unlike California, New York tends to be a bit more open to granting sole custody in divorce cases regarding children.  California only grants sole custody under extreme situations, choosing to fight for joint custody instead.

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